Meaningful encounters with God and one another
Led by Cheryl Dore and Jenn Lindal

Cheryl Dore (and the Her Faith team) hears so well from the Lord on behalf of women. I can't count the number of times she has spoken words that have comforted the cry of my heart. She is not afraid of the broken places in us . . . she longs to be a part of redeeming those broken places. Love her!
—Julia Broeders

​​2nd Thursday Every Month
New Life Church, Everett WA 

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What women have been looking for

​​Stringing the Pearls, Networking Faith, Preparing Doors, Finding our Place...  
A collective Voice, The perfect strand, An Array of Splendor, God's perfect Plan!

My Life Letters

 ​​by Cheryl Dore
and Leslye Hebert

God has too much to say to you personally. Who doesn't want
to know how to listen

My friend, Cheryl Dore, has written an amazing God-inspired book! How do we commune with God? How do we walk through the "landscapes" of our lives? How do we draw closer to God? How do we recognize the "sign posts" that He shows us? Cheryl has captured God's thoughts and wisdom in this beautiful book. I highly recommend it!
—Diane Blouin Neill