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Jesus Send the Rain
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Saturday, April 30th 2016
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Guest Speaker: Cheryl Dore
If you have ever questioned God or asked if He were for you or against you, the message will speak to your faith. Like Joshua we all struggle at times to feel rightly aligned with God's plan, and even question His provision. Life get's tough.

It's why we benefit from one another.

There will be times when the Father's involvement in our lives is not easily discernible and like Joshua, we'll question whether He's on our side, or intimately involved with the things that concern us.

If you are hopeful of inspirational moments with God you will be inspired by Cheryl's journey. If you struggle to see where faith makes a difference ... you'll be inspired and hear God through her experiences.

Come to Jesus Send the Rain be encouraged by Cheryl's "inspirational moments". She will be real, and share experiences greatly impacting her faith... impacting yours... helping you flourish in life by God's design.

It's her book debut:

My Life Letters, Conversations with God that lead to an extraordinary life.

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